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Medium​ship Reading

If you are grieving the loss of a loved one or you are looking for their help and guidance in your life, reconnecting with your loved one will bring comfort in your time of need. A mediumship session is where a medium connects to your loved one in spirit.

A private mediumship reading is scheduled for one person, but up to three people may attend the same session if they are looking to hear from the same person/people and are related 

There is an additional charge per person of £30 per person if you are unrelated.

Spirit Channelling

If you are looking for inspiration and want to hear spirit talk on a subject of their choosing which they feel will be of benefit to you,  this is the session for you. Spirit Channellings are designed to inspire, influence, heal, support and teach. 

In a private spirit channelling session spirit chooses the subject and then they channel a talk.

Sessions are restricted to one person at a time.

Card Reading

If you are looking to experience the oldest form of divination, you can book a card reading.  In a card reading the medium tunes in intuitively to aspects of your life and intuitively reads for you. 

The readings are fully focused on you, fun and intuitive.  You can choose from Angel Cards, Animal Cards, Tarot Cards or request one of Kat's own virtue cards.

Please note Kat does not offer predictions.  She believes in empowering individuals with information so that they can make their own life choices.

Group Bookings

For those of you who want to have a group session and to team up together for a shared session of shared or individual readings, a group session is the session for you.

Whether it's for a birthdays, angel anniversary, event or just because you want to,  this is a great way to share the love of spirit with friends and family. 

 It's also a great way to see mediumship and listen to mediumship, as styles of communication can vary between sitter and reader.  

Soul Reading

If you are looking to obtain the wisdom of your spirit and gain intuitive insights and guidance in your life, this is the reading for you. Spirit Channellings are spirit's opportunity to share with you their words of wisdom, inspiration, guidance and insights on your life.

A private soul reading session is where a medium connects to their higher self, soul and guides for the purpose of bringing inspiration, healing and guidance, directly related to your life.

Sessions are restricted to one person at a time.

Connection Coaching

If you are looking to learn to connect with loved ones in spirit yourself, become more intuitive, open up your awareness, then this. could the session for you.

In Connection coaching session, Kat teaches you how to open up your intuition, connect to spirit and grow your awareness, confidence and skills. 

Coaching sessions are one hour, one to one coaching sessions, bespokely tailored to your needs. 

Book in for a 1 hour session or a 5 session bundle to take advantage of the discounted prices.




Spirit Channelling - 1 hour

Inspirational reading from spirit


Soul Reading - 1 hour

Wisdom and guidance about your life


Card Reading - 1 hour

Intuitive reading using cards 


Connection Coaching - 1 hour

Learn a connection technique


Bespoke Teaching Sessions - 

5 x 1 hour sessions

To develop your connection and intuition - Book in for 5 sessions


Workshops - 3 hours

Workshops for up to 3 people on set subjects.  £50 per person for additional people.See tuition page for list of workshops topics available.


Cuppa & a chat - 1 hour

Just want to chat.  Book in here.



Mediumship reading - 1 hour

Connect with a loved one in spirit


Mediumship readings - 2 hours

Connect with loved ones in spirit


Mediumship reading - 45 mins 

Connect with loved ones in spirit


Mediumship reading - 30 mins 

Connect with loved ones in spirit


Group demonstration - 2 hours

Connect with loved ones in spirit with friends & family or for an event.  
Group Size - 6 people 


Large groups

Kat can read for large groups of up to 100 people, paid and on a voluntary basis, dependant on diary. 

Please contact Kat to arrange providing number of people, event details for price, availability and to discuss details. 




Clinical Hypnotherapy

Book a 1 hour hypnosis session

£100 | $125

Past Life Regression - 1 hour

Book a past life regression - 1 life

£100 | $125

Book a past life regression - 2 lives


Past Life Regression - 2 hours

£100 | $180

Reiki Healing

Book a distance healing - 45 mins

Past Life Regression - 2 hours

£80 | $100

CBT Psychotherapy

Book a CBT Psychotherapy - 1 hour

£100 | $125

Sacred Sound Healing

Book a sound healing 

£80 | $100


Connection Coaching - 1 to 1 

Book a connection coaching session

£80 | $100

Development Circle - Term

This is a brief item description.

£111 | $140

Bespoke Set of 5 Bundle

Book a set of 5 1 hour teaching or healing sessions.  These sessions are not available for readings.

£300 | $375

Cuppa & a Chat

To talk to Kat about your healing or spiritual journey

£80 | $100

Sacred Sound Healing

Learn how to use sound to heal

£80 | $100

Workshops - 3 hour

3 hour workshop for 1 person. 
£50 per had for every extra person.

£300| $375


Readings are via zoom

Skype | Facetime |Whatsapp | Messenger also optional

Readings and Bookings are confirmed via Paypal

Payment by all major credit and debit cards & Paypal is accepted & available

Zoom connection links are provided in the note section of the invoice


Connection Coaching

A connection coaching session is where a Kat teaches you techniques to open up your own intuition and to help you connect directly with your loved ones and those of others, if you chose to do so. A private coaching session is scheduled for one person only. 

Development Circle

If you are learning to connect with loved ones, growing your awareness and strengthening your intuition, this is the group for you.  Get together with like minded people in groups that are led and taught by Kat B. The circle meets one a week, in term times for an hour and a half a week.

Current Circles:
UK - 7.30pm 
ET - 2.30pm
CT - 1.30pm

MT - 12.30pm
PT - 11.30am

Bespoke Set of 5 

The bespoke bundle is a great way to block book teaching and therapy sessions, as my diary does get very busy at times. It also offers you a great discount price on 5 single sessions, making one to one coaching more affordable. Bespoke sessions combine any teaching or therapy service but are ideal for bespoke teaching sessions. They are designed for one person but additional people can be added for a charge of £25 |$35 per person where appropriate to do so. 

Please note that these sessions are not available for readings, which need to be booked separately.

5 sessions for £300| $345


Hypnosis can be a life saver.If you are looking for fast, active, practical support to aid healing, hypnotherapy is the session for you.   

Kat is a trained and qualified clinical hypnosis who specialises in emotional issues, grief and past life regression.

Hypnosis is ideal for clients who are experiencing symptoms of grief, such as insomnia, panic attacks, confidence, anxiety, self esteem issues, difficulty relaxing and depression.  

But is also great for a number of other issues, like tinnitus, IBS, bruxism, to stop smoking or vaping etc.  If these issues are relevant for you book in here.

Past Life Regression

If you are looking to learn about eternal life, the immortal soul, life beyond life in order to gain some insight on who you really are and to understand more about your soul's journey, spiritual lives and growth, then past life regression is the therapy for you.  

Past life regression is not just about spiritual exploration and personal development, it can extremely healing, helping to remove blocks and limitations in your every day life, or identifying the root cause of blocks, behaviours and habits.  If you are wanting to learn and discover more about your soul's journey, book here.

Kat is a trained and qualified clinical hypnotherapist who will guide you.

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is a talking therapy that can help you manage your problems by changing the way you think and behave. It's most commonly used to treat anxiety and depression, but can be useful for other mental and physical health problems, like Grief. A great support to people managing, panic attacks, grief, fears and anxiety, CBT can be a complete game changer, evolving the way you think and live going forward. Helping you manage challenges in a very confident way. It is a very transformative therapy. 

Reserved for people who have worked with Kat before, these healing sessions, that use sound and the human voice to channel frequencies from spirit, for the purpose of healing and improving well being.  

Most people who experience these session feedback that the experience and incredible boost to the emotional energy.

Kat can also teach you how to use sound and the human voice to increase your vibration.  This is available to all.

CBT Psychotherapy

Sacred Sound Healing

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Reiki Healing

If you are looking to obtain the sacred healing from the universal energy, booking in for a Reiki Session.

Kat is a Reiki Master and has been qualified for over a decade in spiritual healing and Reiki.

A private Reiki session is where the Reiki Master channels healing energy to the client.  Sessions are virtual and distance led.  Reiki is a beautiful healing modality, which can hold space for you, heal, helping to replenish vital energy, boosting your sense of well being.  Relaxing, comforting, gentle and kind, Reiki is a beautiful aid to healing.  A reiki session is a one to one session.

Cuppa & Chat

If you are just looking to chat about your grief or your spiritual connection and journey, to ask questions or have a consultation to determine which therapy or service will best suit your needs, then book in for a. Cuppa & Chats.  

This is a relaxed forum that enables you to get the information you need directly from Kat.

Let Kat share with you her experience and some of her stories, to help coach you to the right starting point.

Virtual Sessions:

Sessions are via zoom

Skype | Facetime |Whatsapp |Messenger also optional

Payment is via Paypal

All major credit and debit cards accepted

Zoom connection links can be found in the note section of the invoice.

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