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Kundalini Rising - A Spiritual Awakening

Kat B is a former Senior Executive and Leader in the UK Fashion Industry.  A balanced left and right brain thinker, she enjoyed international success, travelling the world sourcing and developing inspirational and commercially viable fashion ranges for the global marketplace before turning her full focus over to spiritual growth, transformation and progression.

In 2006 following a near death experience (NDE) in Ibiza, Spain a year earlier, Kat experienced a spontaneous and mystical spiritual awakening.   This would trigger kundalini - stage one - the opening of the heart and an awakening to a new level of spiritual growth and understanding.   As her conscious awareness began to shift further, she found a whole new world of intuition and insight opening up to her and thirsty for knowledge, searching for the truth and answers, she began studying transformative healing modalities, like reiki, meditation, mindfulness, trance, clinical hypnosis and mediumship to seek a greater understanding and connection.

11 years on, at the beginning of 2017, not realising that kundalini was a three stage process and that the healing disciplines that she was exploring were having a profound effect on her energy body, she would trigger kundalini stage two - the opening of the throat on the eve of Maha Shivarati, the festival of Shiva, while on a yoga retreat in India.  This spontaneous consciousness shift, initiated by her spirit team across the veil, would lead to a consciousness shift, attuning her to different vibrational states.   The sacred wisdom teachings that followed would lead to a comprehensive understanding of sacred sounds as a form of connection with the divine, which now forms part of her private spiritual practice.   

Once this connection was made, dream yoga practices began, as she started to understand the connection of sound, to other consciousness and healing modalities.  The Buddhist arts of lucid dreaming, sacred sound chanting, mandala practice and astral projection began, while mindfulness and meditation practices began to deepen, as her spirituality shifted into a lifestyle and devotional practice, from personal development and expansion.  Though not religious, spiritual life was now a full time discipline and career.
In 2017 on return from India, Kat would qualify as a Mark Ireland certified medium and start working as a full time medium, spirit channel, reiki master and clinical hypnotherapist. One month later, through a series of synchronicity's she would then meet Elizabeth Boisson, the founder of helping parents heal who invited her to become the UK affiliate leader for her non profit organisation, which supports bereaved parents recovering from grief.   In this volunteer charitable role, Kat would interview leading spiritual teachers and authors and host live events, running their UK social media pages, studying grief and putting into practice the healing modalities she had spent so long learning on a voluntary basis, alongside her private work. 

Kat began teaching in 2016 and in 2017 started sharing her wealth of knowledge with the bereaved, helping coaching them to heal and transform grief and to manage emotional issues and post traumatic stress disorders which had arisen as a direct result of their loss.

In 2021 after three years at the helm of Helping Parents Heal UK and post the year of the pandemic which had substantially increased her workload, Kat decided to step down from her post at Helping Parents Heal to focus fully on teaching connections and her private bookings.  While she still supports Helping Parents Heal and other bereaved support groups across various communities on a ad hoc basis, her time is now divided between family, teaching, healing, mediumship and writing. 

She hopes to publish her first book later this year.  

​Clinical Hypnotherapist | CBT Psychotherapist | Past Life Regression

Kat B is a Clinical Hypnotherapist who specialises in emotional issues resulting from grief, trauma and loss.   All hypnosis session are one hour appts except for past life regression which has a two hour option.

- Anxiety
- Panic Attacks
- Insomnia 
- Confidence issues
- Weight loss 

- Relaxation
- Calming persistent negative thoughts
- Irritable bowl syndrome (IBS)
- Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PSTD)
- Managing Grief | Grief coaching
- Depression
- Phobias 

- Past life regression - one hour or two

- In between lives counsel

Please provide details of the residing issue and request to book in for a hypnosis consultation.

Medium | Spirit Channel

With over 100 5 star reviews Medium Kat B is a British evidential medium, intuitive and spirit channel and pure conduit for spirit.  Based in London, UK, though working predominantly online via zoom, skype, facetime and whatsapp, she combines her healing modalities, spiritual teachings,  grief knowledge, allowing spirit to assess all her knowledge to serve the greatest good of the client.   

A Mark Ireland certified and blind tested, who has a strong track record for success.

 book an appointment, please email here, detailing:

- Time zone your in
- Duration you would like - one hour or two
- Ideal date and time (Please expect a one to two month waiting list)
- Contact details

Tutor | Connection Coach 

Transforming the way we perceive the world

For bespoke one to one lessons on dream yoga, mediumship, reiki and sound, email Kat B via her contact page to make an inquiry now.  Bespoke one to one teaching sessions are available as individual sessions or as a 5 session booking.  Bundles can focus on one category or a combination of modalities.  Please discuss with Kat on booking what you are looking for.

Astral Travel | Lucid Dreaming

Introduction Courses

Meditation  Mindfulness

All levels

Connection Courses

Beginners | Intermediate | Advanced

Reiki | Sacred Sound Healing 

All levels

For group workshops, courses and development circles - Please see the course and workshop page on the next page.

Energy Healing - Reiki and Sacred Sound Therapy

Kat B is a Reiki Master and Sacred Sounds Healer and teaches both modalities.  

To book a teaching session or therapy session book her.   Appointments are one hour in duration.

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