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The Transcending Grief Retreat 2023

The first Transcending Grief event took place in Connecticut, USA in June 2023.  Everyone that attended the 2023 Transcending Grief retreat feedback about how amazing and uplifting it was.  We really did have a great time and for a grief retreat, you would not believe the amount of smiles on people's faces.  There was a lotta love in the house that week.  One of the most exciting elements of the retreat was getting to meet everyone face to face but seeing Kat and Paige hold space for everyone with absolute ease, was also a blessing to witness.  Paige's grief journey, coaching and experience means no topic is off the agenda, you can explore it all.  She seamlessly incorporated relevant talks, topics and interlaced them with spiritual tools that help you transcend grief.  From dance, movement, walks, she let nature do her bit to help too.  The event was hosted in the most beautiful natural forrest and retreat centre too, so you couldn't help but be uplifted by the beautiful setting.  Kat raised the roof by channelling spirit sound frequency healing which elevated everyones vibration and brought in rays of light from spirit, she held spirit talks directly related to transcending grief and direct communication through trance and mental mediumship demonstrations.  She got to show off her full potential, in a very humane, vulnerable and loving way.  So this retreat was also very special for her too, as she got to share some of the techniques that she has developed in private communications with spirit, that she holds very dear to her own spiritual practices and her heart.  There is nothing greater that feeling the divine spirit within awaken within you and then sharing that truth with others.  If you attended the retreat, you could not fail to be blessed with love.  It was a great experience.

Transcending Grief New York Dinner

On June 27th 2023 Paige and Kat hosted their first dinner event for Transcending Grief in New York.  Here are a few gallery shots from that wonderful night. 

Transcending Grief social events can be a great opportunity to have a new experience and something to look forward to with friendly, like minded people, who know what you are going through.  You get assess to the lovely Paige Lee and Kat B, who host the nights and make sure all feel welcome and you get the opportunity to chat and ask questions directly to them.  At Transcending Grief, we pride ourselves on being there for people and holding space for them in the their times of needs.  Due to the great personalities and energy we tend to attract, rarely are these events downbeat.  Most people report leaving them refreshed, uplifted and happier than when the came, with new friends, exchanging numbers and ideas. New events coming soon.


The Transcending Grief Project - Kat B & Paige Lee

Kat Baillie

Certified Evidential Medium, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Healer, Connection Coach/Teacher


Paige Lee

Grief Transformation Coach, Intuitive Grief Coach, Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki Master, Grief Recovery Method Trainer, Author, Crystal Reiki Healer



To us, to transcend grief means to rise above those feelings and emotions that hold us back from our soul's growth, as a result of and because of - our grief. We believe that transcending grief is possible through the concepts of Community, Light, Love and Connection. Transcending grief may require an openness to connection with Source and the universal energy we call unconditional love, but it does NOT require you to change any of your religious or non-religious beliefs. The beauty of what we teach is that you are free to be yourself, who you want to be, while utilizing the techniques we have found useful in transcending grief.

When you discover that love never dies and that we are still connected because of the love within our hearts, we find that life still has meaning and purpose and that those we have loved, who have transcended life, still walk the path alongside us, still connected, showing themselves through many forms. Blessed is the heart that is open to receive this light and love.

In this light of transcendence, we host small group retreats that are very intensive in nature. Unlike any retreat you've ever been to, this is truly next level transcendence. We demonstrate and facilitate ways for you transcend your grief that you may never have seen before.

Following direction from spirit is interesting sometimes.  Sometimes those insights come through direct readings with spirit.  One such occasion was when I read for Paige Lee in August 2022.  Spirit had told me that it would all kick off in 2022 but I had no idea, that my birthday that year would be the start of realising the dream.  I had met Paige Lee, author, grief educator and healer, interviewing her two years prior, about her book "Choose to Believe" but I didn't know her very well.  When Paige's own retreat teacher, Sally Baldwin passed to spirit, I had no idea she would come through in a reading and connect and pair us both up for what would become our first Transcending Grief retreat in 2023.  The event sold out in 48 hours and I knew I had found a team of people I wanted to dance with.  You see, spirit isn't just about connection to spirit, it's about connecting people here, and connect us they did.  So a new project was born and we call it the Transcending Grief Project.  


In Jan 2023, spirit did some other spirit synchronicities that would see Lai Rah Mayo join the team and our Sunday Zoom chats were created.  Our chance to share all our knowledge, be there for one another and to make a difference to other people going through grief.  If you want to have fun transcending grief, join us.  It's awesome and I can't think of a better team of people to spend time with. Work has become my social life too and my social life my work.  It's all a bit of a blur to me.   My Sunday's have been transformed.


This a very exclusive event restricted to 8 participants only to share 3 days full access to Kat B & Paige Lee. You will get the opportunity to pose questions, share stories and to participate in some incredible healing workshops. The 8 lucky participants will get to dine with Kat & Paige, participate in Holy Fire Reiki I & II certification and Healing Sound Vibrations Foundation Certification, in Waterbury, Connecticut, USA.


We will be together for 3 nights and 2.5 days in a beautiful mansion home (with an elevator!!), sharing time, meals and beautiful healing experiences together. This is a super special chance to have one to one time in a lovely setting with the beautiful Paige Lee and Kat B as we feel those healing vibes together. Not only will you get to lie down and enjoy a personal healing session with the other participants but we will open up to the healing vibrations to go a level deeper into the spiritual inquiry, learning how sound can manifest amazing healing opportunities.


Want to spend some quality time with me, then come along. I would love to host you.


The early bird registration is now open for Kat B & Paige Lee's “I am Soul” retreat. This year is even more exciting that last year, as we incorporate many new elements into the retreat. In addition to trance healing, a trance mediumship demonstration, a mental mediumship demonstration, vibrational voice healing, meditation, time in nature, laughter yoga, we have ecstatic dance, connection workshops, camp fire stories, time to relax, unwind and socialise. In addition to a selection of private reading & healing slots with Kat B, Paige Lee and some guest mediums. Join us. Sign up today for your early bird discount. Available for a limited time only. Places are moving fast, so don't miss out. Book now and reserve your place on this amazing transcending grief retreat.

We are back with another HEALING and SOUL-EXPANDING retreat. Our first retreat in June 2023 was so amazing...just read what some of our participants had to say:
• "What a magical weekend filled with connection, celebration, reflection, and healing"

• "Paige and Kat curated and co-created an exceptional and personal healing path forward for each of us"
• "The weekend was an incredible gift to me in that it provided a safe, loving, space full of grace and acceptance"
• "The sessions were life-changing, and the love and resilience I am leaving with is priceless. I have so many new and amazing friends"

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